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On a tight budget? This video package was designed with you in mind:

    •1-hour in-studio/on-location video shoot by a one-person crew or insertion of provided media
    •One location shoot
    •On-site stand-up interviews or testimonials
    •Narration recorded on-site
    •Professional post-production
    •Basic text and graphics
    •Royalty-free music
    •One final video review*
*Limited to changing errors like misspelled and/or mispronounced words
Looking for higher production value while keeping a closer eye over what's produced for you? Check out this package:

    •Up to 3-hours in-studio/on-location recording by a one-person crew w/professional lighting
    •One or two location shoots
    •Creative concept and script development
    •Professional post-production
    •In-house/1st person voice-over narration
    •Premium text and motion graphics
    •Royalty-free music
    •Two final video reviews
Showcase your business more effecitively by hiring a team of professionals.

    •Up to 6-hours in-studio/on-location video recording w/cinematic lighting and shooting techniques
    •Up to three location shoots
    •Cinematographer is added to your production team/crew
    •Creative concept and script development with 2 reviews
    •Professional post-production
    •Professional third-party narration
    •Premium text and motion graphics
    •Royalty-free music
    •Up to three final video reviews






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