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Dreampost features a creative team of three individuals, each specializing in a specific aspect of the video/media production process. All three have advanced degrees and extended experience working in the Chicago area market. We also have a network of media professionals that allow us to tackle large-scale projects.

Chad Bishop Chad Bishop
Owner/Post-Production Specialist

Chad Bishop graduated from the University of Iowa with a media/film degree and has been working in the industry ever since. He specializes in digital video editing and digital film-making.

Chad Yocom Chad Yocom
Partner/Production Specialist

Chad Yocom graduated from Western Illinois University with a TV Communications degree. He has a passion for the creative arts and is currently specializing in video production.

Chad Yocom Jodi Hansen
Producer/Project Coordinator

Jodi Hansen graduated from the University of Iowa and then went on to work for nationally recognized TV programs including the "Jerry Springer Show" and "Soundstage". She specializes in our high-end producer packages. Jodi can help you organize your project and design your concept.


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