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The Video Production Process

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At DreamPost, we have perfected a unique, stress-free production process for creating the lowest cost, highest quality videos available anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you need a 30-second Cable Commercial ad, a 4-minute broadcast infomercial or a long-format internal training/orientation video, we are experts in creating dynamic, motivating, effective videos.

We are confident in our ability to produce the best quality video for you. And throughout it all, we make sure you're as involved in the process as much – or as little – as you want to be. DreamPost makes video easy for you.

This is the initial stage of production in which we discuss the overall conceptual idea and framework for your project.

We'll work with you to answer your questions about video length, content, shooting details, participants, and final distribution.

We then transfer the idea to a script detailing each shot, along with any voiceovers or dialogue.

Once your video needs are finalized, its time to capture the new footage.

Professional shooting and composition techniques are executed by an experienced photographer with special attention given to lighting and sound.

After setting up a convenient shoot date, we'll work with you to finalize any logistical requirements and to make sure you're prepared for the shoot.

In this phase, the video footage is delivered to a post-production expert where it is edited and combined with graphics, music, and voiceover narration.

Our digital non-linear editing suite brings the components of your project to life.

It's all about creating a custom video that meets your specific requirements, purpose, and budget.

At this point your project should be completed.

We will provide you with either a DVD review copy of the project or a link to an online client review page. We will then discuss any changes you would like to make.

After changes have been completed, we will master your production to a DVD and deliver the project according to your specific distribution application requirements.
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